Friday, October 9

Resistance against war!!!
(nathan of ICWTzine)

Destruction to unholy land, this could be the main idea of WAR. To destroy the enemies behind the wall, to eliminate everybody from the other side. To create horrible destruction & pain to others. This pain that will remains until the day they are going to live. In reality of life, War has something to do with the market or let me say it like business as usual or in simple word “War is making business”. It is very simple, where can the so called left party got their guns & ammos? They are using even their own money to purchase all of their stuffs to defend their own territory to the evils of war. So many lives were killed so many family & young kids left alone by their father who was brutally killed into the darkest valley of war. When can we finally realize that war is just wasting a lot of effort, time & even own money of such so called organization. War can be ended if each individual will seek for it truthfully, but nowadays nobody is trying to reclaim peace around this whole world. Each part of the world have different beliefs about reclaiming peace. Some people say by means of war, some say thru peace talks, But in my own opinion, We can’t achieve peaceful community when peace is not living in our own life. In one way, peace talks is one of the best way to reclaim peace. I’m talking about some negotiations on with the other separatist movement. This way somehow will help to stop the war for a while. Why I said “for a while”, because most of this peace talks stays only for a while because if somebody on the other side commit some fault against the signed treaty on peace talks then the war will start from the scratch, more blood to spill, more life to take & more home less family on the road. Using war to resolve peace is different from peace talks, yes. Because War used so many effort for them to reclaim peace but in reality we can never achieve peace by using force to each other because when an individual hurt then he will find away just to get back for himself the way he was hurt or much more than. Revenge will be always alive in the mind of an individual if most of the people think of using war as system to reclaim peace. We can never achieve peace in this kind of system, it will just burn and fades all out our insist on reclaiming peace. We can prevent this happening when we start it from within ourselves. In what way? We can start it by knowing ourselves, what is our own beliefs, which idea we belong to in reality of life and if we notice all of this about ourselves, then the journey of peace begins. We can start also knowing & learning about our environment. Learn how to get along with other individual who has different culture from you & to know how can you get along with them in one united idea. Please understand that this kind of solution is applicable in some individual broadminded people, that is why you need to know yourself if you are one of this people who can easily use this type of method. Let me tell you some of the root of this endless war around the world. In my own opinion, in some way war begun from beliefs and somehow religion of our ancient forefathers. In some place, territorial invasion is one the most common cause of war. This was since our forefathers time, great example here is war between Israel & Palestine. Both country are urging to have Gaza, many lives were killed. Man, woman & even helpless children died without knowing the real reason & without enjoying their freedom to live. This power of their country should not be used to civilian people who doesn’t engage in the realm of their own war. Territorial Invasion should end only by peaceful negotiations and not by sacrificing lives of innocent people. Talk to a certain agreement without any violation and it should be a must that all of the concern individual must pay respect to what is agreed in a certain negotiations about the territorial invasion issue. In my opinion, if we will exercise this system of living, we can resist against arguments because simple argument can lead us to the face of war. In this reality of life a certain area is mean to be with a boundary, Individual people must know which is granted and which is not in order not to give way for any argument, otherwise you can be a territorial invader and it will cause you to trouble and so trouble means war for the reason that you need to defend yourself. If you try thinking of the future before doing something else it will be better. This is a good way of living. If nobody starts peace within themselves, then who else will do? Put in your mind that we are not protecting peaceful life for our own sake but this will be for our future generation and evolution of mankind.
I can give you another cause of war, this is the beliefs of our forefathers, in other words Religion of them. Why? In my opinion, religion in some way give us the fist of war, misunderstanding of different ideas from their personal religion will spark to discussion with other religion and somehow it will ends with unholy speculation of who is the right one and who is the chosen one. Narrow minded individual will seriously take this action as a blasphemies to their religion. Direct assault using this as a reason, will not deny the fact that religion has something to do with today’s situation of war. Assaulting & disrespect to some religion will bring us the bloody face of war like what happened in some religion today. There is no way to blame them, only the good things we can do is let them live of what they are and live as what you like also without any circumstances. The most relevant recipe of war is the ideas of every individual people. I will not talk about this more because everybody know that most of the left people want their freedom to have their own community and the so called government of them. This idea was just being initiated by an individual who believes in idea of being one concrete community. In my opinion . We can’t easily blame & misjudge them because of their ideas, they are meant to live so respect and let yourself survive without them.

This article is not intended to manipulate the reader, only to open their mind that in reality peace cannot be achieve by using force to each other. We must be aware that every people has the right to live with freedom and has the right to protect themselves against everyone. Talking or writing against war is a freedom that every people should practice. Respect, Love and Equality if we have this in ourselves, believe me or not every little things will be in good system of living without the presence of war!

Friday, September 18

cover page of In Crust We Trust zine...
Get ready for the Anarchist revenge issue no 1.

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Saturday, August 22


Katengdanan tang kada tata ong yaten na guegman ta tang banua ta. Belag lamang ta para ong yaten ang pamamui mandian kundi labi ra ka enged para ong mga dadaton pang mamansitulpot ang Palawe├▒o. Indi ita kay magpabor ong mga idya na ang mga dayo tang mamaggaem ong banuang pinundaran tang mga ginikanan ta. Natetenged ang puputokon nira ay gabungot ta pag-aken ong manggad tang banua.
Mandian pa lamang ngani gaamat amat dang gabakal tang dumang parti tang mal tang banua, onora lamang bato mga ang pirapang mamepet ang maiteg ang pamangerengan ay mangalipat da ig ita ra tang pu-malet?
Mintras may puwersa ta pa ig timpo na isalbar tang banua...kumalyek ita kay. Na para ka ong kau-yan tang tanan.
Pirmi lamang demdemen ta ang Palawan ay indi agpabakal animan anday dapat ang mag-aken ong banua ta kundi itang tanan ang tagabanua.

Saturday, August 15


unleash the reality of HELL
give a shit of unholy INQUISITION
with SBURTALITY......

Obey to DISOBEY....
nathan of ICWTzine

Friday, August 14


learn to respect the true death metal supremacy
aggresive and totally destructive...
brutally delivered the pain from darkness...

interviewed by nathan of ICWT zine..
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